Suzanne Olson-Hyde

Born in Sydney Australia on the 30th of January 1947
Died in Greenwich Hospital, Sydney Australia on the 14th March 2014

She died as she lived, a committed atheist, and, like her hero, Christopher Hitchens, did not waver in the slightest as the end drew near - kudos my dear - brave to the very end.

To watch the streaming video Suzanne recorded just over a week before she died, please:

Hover over the picture of Suzanne, then click the play button (silver triangle).

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If you can see it, click the play button (silver triangle) on the black bar below.

If you wish, you can download the Circle of Life video (same as above but larger and better quality), her Circle of Life Slideshow and/or her Circle of Life Songs, a collection of songs she loved.

Please feel free to share this URL with anyone you feel would like to share in the magnificence of the Suzanne I loved and cherished for 28 wonderful years.

Thanks, Greg Olson-Hyde

Suzanne Olson-Hyde's Circle of Life:

LOW RES (small) Movie 6th of March 2014    1.06 MB
HIGH RES (large) Movie 6th of March 2014    1.78 GB
Slideshow    346 MB
Songs    1.03 GB
Suzanne's favourite mythical creature:-